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Published on April 13, 2016
Alyssa is very professional and can tailor your session to your individual needs.
Customer since December 2015

Published March 25, 2016
Alyssa Haj is one of the best! She is very friendly. I will be going back!
Customer since March 2016

Published February 24, 2016
Awesome as always.
Customer since February 2016

Published September 17, 2015
Customer since September 2015

Published July 6, 2015
I was very surprised at what a thorough massage I experienced. I have had massages for years. This massage really pinpointed some very difficult areas especially after a fall. I did gardening with very little pain afterwards. I have been going for 45 minutes walks without stopping due to pain. I heard explanations about why pain occurs in the muscles and realized I was not drinking enough water ever. I have upped my water too. I feel so much better and am looking forward to more education about my body and my muscles and to have those injured areas worked on more until I become more balanced. I am experiencing a new life after being legally blind for 25 years and having three surgeries this year. I never realized how the eyes affect the body until now. I will be back.
Customer since July 2015

Published January 28, 2015
Alyssa worked my sore spots just perfectly! Good deep work - but eased up if I needed. Her session and advice is helping me function again. HIGHLY recommended.
Customer since January 2015

Published October 28, 2014
Very personable and professional and has really helped with my headaches
Customer since August 2014

Published Oct 16, 2014     

Knowledgeable, professional and friendly

Alyssa is a wonderful massage therapist, always listening to and working with my requests! I fully recommend her services to anyone.

Customer since June 2014

  Published Jul 7, 2014 

Needed to relax after opening a new studio

I didn't have any specific problem but I like to keep a check on any stress that may be in the body. Alyssa relaxed every muscle in my body that lasted for days after and than some.

Customer since June 2014

  Published Nov 25, 2013

Weekend Relief

I had a problem on a weekend and Alyssa was able to help on short notice and had me back to normal in time for Monday morning!

Customer since June 2013

  Published Oct 11, 2013

Great experience

Working with Alyssa has been my first experience with massage therapy. She's made me a true believer!

Customer since June 2013

  Published Jul 15, 2013


Alyssa has magic fingers. In the first visit she was able to locate the source of painful areas and offer relief. It is a wonderful, relaxing experience.

Customer since July 2013

  Published Jun 24, 2013

Quick help

Alyssa has demonstrated (multiple times) the ability to listen and quickly identify the source and trigger points needed for providing relief.

Customer since June 2013


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