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Essential Oils

As healthcare continues to change, many people are seeking out new alternatives to better health and looking more at how to stay well in the first place and get a heads up on illness that creep there way in. Essential Oils are a great way to keep our bodies in tip-top shape. But what exactly are essential oils?

You know when you walk through a garden and smell a rose? THAT is the essential oil of the rose. The plant uses these oils for both protection from predators as well as to attract pollinators. Now not all plants that have essential oils also have a strong aroma like a rose. It depends where the oils are obtained from. Essential Oils can be obtained from any part of the plant; the leaves, roots, bark, flower, fruit, etc. which means that the uses of each oil can vary.

In order to use these plants in our everyday lives, they go through a distillation process to extract these precious oils. The oils we find in our bottles are highly concentrated. In fact, it takes about 50 rose flowers just to make a single drop of rose oil! Since these oils are so concentrated, it doesn't take much to be able to share in their therapeutic benefits.

The quality of your oils is VERY important. There are many oil companies out there that use synthetic products in their production process which make their way into our bottles. To avoid this, it is important to research your company before using their oils. If a Essential Oil is not of a therapeutic grade, it will not have the added therapeutic benefits. Below is a link to a company that I trust for my Essential Oils. Feel free to check out their website and contact me for more information.

Click HERE for my trusted Essential Oils

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